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Due to the CDC’s updated recommendations released on Friday, February 25, the ACBL’s Covid protocols for tournaments have changed effective today, March 1, 2022. These standards apply to all tournaments – sectionals, regionals and NABCs.
Click here to read the revised Covid protocols.
The primary takeaway is this: If the COVID-19 Community Level as determined by the CDC (click here to search by county) is “high,” face masks will be required. Masks will be optional (though they are always recommended) for tournaments held in counties notated as having a “low” or “medium” community level as indicated by the CDC.
Tournament sponsors, in coordination with the Director in Charge, will be responsible for checking the community level daily and potentially adjusting the mask policy on site.
The Covid vaccination requirement is still in place.
At the Spring NABC in Reno, we will notify attendees of the current COVID-19 Community Level status each day through the Daily Bulletin and signage posted throughout the tournament areas.
We will communicate this policy with all members later today.  
Thank you,
Greg Coles
Director of Operations

Our clubs require proof of vaccination.
For more information, contact the Club Manager of the club you wish to play at .